EPA’s Lead & Copper Rule

Dear Water Customer,

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced changes to drinking water regulations that require water suppliers to identify all materials used in the construction of the water system. The goal of these changes is to identify and remove all lead pipes in the drinking water system. All public water suppliers must identify all construction materials used on both the supplier’s AND the customer’s side of the water meter. Your help is needed to complete this requirement.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) is requiring all public water systems to submit this information before October 16, 2024. If the required information cannot be gathered from the homeowner, KDHE may require the water supplier to excavate private lines in order to identify them. That would be very time consuming and expensive.

We are asking our customers to download and fill out the inventory form to the best of your knowledge so that we may fill out the required spreadsheet for each of our customers by the required deadline. The form is available by clicking the button below to download the form or pick one up at City Hall. This can be emailed back to either CityHall@havilandks.gov or WaterGuy@havilandks.gov

Thank you for your participation!